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Descriptive Essay - Original Writing - 1138 Words

Have you ever felt oddly out of place somewhere that should be more, familiar? I’ve never felt more alien then on my third trip to China visiting the Hunan province in a little town called Chengdu. This little town was my origins. Like much of China it had become more urbanized and like much of China it was unrecognizable to me. Seventeen years and six months ago I was adopted by Colleen Colbert, and Joel Carreiro from an orphanage in a little town called Chengdu. As I walked up to the building it was a large well built building with electricity, functioning toilettes and playgrounds. I soon learned this was my orphanage 2.0, they rebuilt a larger and better accommodated building for the growing number of kids in search for a different kind of family. The building that I slept and played in was not in use and near rice fields where water buffalo roamed nearby. It was a medium, shoebox shaped building, brown from time and rust. I wanted a port key to take me someplace familiar, even the hotel room felt more homely. And yet I walked along my old grounds with my mom and was told how I lived as a baby and who I was before I could remember. It was strange to hear about my life in someone else’s perspective and for the first time. My adopted mom and dad couldn’t tell me who I was for the first 18 months of my life as they were thousands of miles away and hadn’t known me apart from a cute 4 by 4 picture of a very smiley yet chub by Chinese baby. As I endured the sweltering heatShow MoreRelatedDescriptive Essay - Original Writing1110 Words   |  5 PagesI don’t know how I got to where I am, but I’m here now, and I have to win if I want to live. I am in a game, and in order to live, I have to escape. That’s the thing, though: I don’t know how to escape. I was running for my life around this old house that looked like it came straight out of a horror movie. I doubled over and held my head in pain as I saw the static, which meant it was coming. I was being chased by what looked like a person but in no way acted like one. Just as it was about to appearRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing1102 Words   |  5 PagesIt is on days like this when we stop to think about our life. Small drops of rain begin to dapple the cobblestone pavement as people whip out their umbrellas for cover. I continue sauntering down the busy street, relishing the feeling of a light shower. Moving with the mass of pedes trians, I stop at a crosswalk where I wait for the stoplight to turn green. A flower shop employee across the street scurries to bring in the numerous bouquets and close the doors as rain starts rolling down the displayRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing914 Words   |  4 PagesDreamy I thought. Standing on the corner is a young guy with a smile. I see him here almost every day, so I linger for a while. He tells me his name, and I tell him mine. I m Ester, what s your name? I enquired. My names David .,He replied. We end up talking for a while and I asked him if he had ever left this city. He tells me of all these stories of the places where he s been, the distant lakes and mountains, and in valleys oh so green. I can see it in his eyes, he really has beenRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing974 Words   |  4 Pages I was used to moving round, having a mother who liked to travel more than making roots was something I had gotten used to. Still, I had never gotten used to the loneliness of an empty house when she was out exploring, or the feeling of leaving behind someone who could have meant something to me. Our most recent move was Oregon. It was pretty, and I didn’t mind it, but it was much different than Florida. Not only was it opposite sides of the country, it felt as if it were opposite worlds. InRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing1012 Words   |  5 Pageshave plenty of time in the next month to think about my feeling in regards to Kendrick. I needed to finish up the article and get it off to my editor. I should be able to get it done by tonight and send an email in the morning. I was thinking of writing my next article about the sea life around the Scottish coast. Since our salmon dinner last evening I thought I would do a piece about the commercial salmon farming that began in Scotland in 1969. In 2002 over 145,000 metric tons of farmed AtlanticRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing1561 Words   |  7 PagesThere’s something I need to say and what follows may not be something that you’d expect, it won’t be heartening or uplifting. If you remember today, I told you about going somewhere I wanted to go to†¦ I’m not sure if you believed and accepted what I now confess as untrue; it is partly. I needed to pull away emo tionally†¦ from you. You must have had fathomed that some degree of formality had seeped between us. Born of habit, formulaic greetings had become a routine. You presume that I’m a close friendRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing1387 Words   |  6 PagesI was wearing a beautiful blue dress with sapphire gems all around the chest area as I entered the ball with Ciel and Sebastian. I took a good look around here, the hallway was lined with gold. There was a servant ready to escort us to the ball room. Hello, come this way. He said, walking forward. Wow, this place is so fancy! I exclaimed, looking around. It s fake gold. Ciel bluntly replied, bringing my hopes down. I sighed. Ciel sounded like he wasn t in a very good mood. Ciel, lightenRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing1287 Words   |  6 Pages In the morning, Caireann woke me up. She stood above my bed, shaking my shoulder. I opened my eyes, looking at her. Then I looked across the room to her empty bed. Andy s empty bed sat in the corner. I swallowed, climbing out of bed. Sleep well? Caireann asked me, starting out the door. Yeah, I said, going over to our small dresser. I had the bottom two drawers. Andy had the middle two, and Caireann had the top. I pulled open the drawers, pulling on a colorful tank top and a grayRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing1345 Words   |  6 PagesLater that night, I was behind the wheel of my G-Wagon with Melissa in the passenger seat. She didn’t feel like driving since she was on the road all day and I understood so I didn’t mind when she asked me to. I had been tight-lipped. She kept eyeballing me as if she detected that something was bothering me but I just kept singing to my India Arie as if I was carefree. â€Å"So are you going to tell me what’s going on or no† Melissa said disrupting my own personal concert. I stopped singing and tookRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing1085 Words   |  5 PagesI WAS SITTING IN a taxi, wondering if I had overdressed for the evening, when I looked out the window and saw Mom rooting through a Dumpster. It was just after dark. A blustery March wind whipped the steam coming out of the manholes, and people hurried along the sidewalks with their collars turned up. I was stuck in traffic two blocks from the party where I was heading. Mom stood fifteen feet away. She had tied rags around her shoulders to keep out the spring chill and was picking through the trash

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Poetry Makes a Man in Dead Poets Society Essay - 1088 Words

Poetry Makes a Man When people take poetry as more than just words with meanings, but as words to live by and take the poem to heart, the person may and will change by the words they live on. The type of poetry will affect the way the person changes. In the very inspirational movie of Dead Poets Society, Tom Schulman the screen writer, through the character of the visionary Mr. Keating: uses plays and poetry to help the major characters and even some minor characters through their dilemmas and any situations that could have applied to these inspired characters to think freely and take a new road in life. Major characters such as Neil, Todd, Knox, Charlie, and Cameron have taken the influential poetic teachings of Mr. Keating to heart and†¦show more content†¦With Neil’s father still being mad and frustrated, everything goes south and Neil has his Carpe diem moment when the whole family discussed about his future, but not having as much confidence towards his father as his peers, Neil de cides not to take the moment and leaves us speechless on his next action. Todd was the character that was the most affected by Mr. Keating’s poetic teachings; the viewers could even say â€Å"poetry makes a man† based on Todd’s improvements. At the beginning of the movie, Todd has a moment, when we understand and may even pity Todd because he says that no one would listen to him and he was not the leading type. The poem of O Me! O Life! greatly resembled Todd’s situation. In the poem the audience hears of a narrator who is suffering through life and the audience feels despair, but then the audience hears there is an answer! The answer being that we are here and contribute a verse, showed that there is hope after all and that Todd can be more than just a person who is suffering through life with no confidence. This poem initiated the confidence and the Carpe diem also helped Todd to not only have confidence, but to be a leader that the viewers can admire. Also showing that Todd had changed was the fact that in the beginning of the movie, Todd was the last one to stand on the desk, and see things from a different perspective, and address Mr. Keating as O Captain! My Captain! , which is also a poem. In the middle of the movie theShow MoreRelated Felicia Hemans and Jane Taylor Essay1093 Words   |  5 Pagesdominated profession of poetry. Many men felt as though their profession was being invaded. They resented women entering the public sphere. This mentality in part helped influence which women were able to write and what they wrote about. Felicia Hemans and Jane Taylor are both women poets that emerged during the 19th century. Both women have used their poetry to help expand on traditional notions of romantic poetry during their lives. In order to define romantic poetry on must look towards BronteRead MoreThe Dead Poets Society : Honor, Discipline, And Excellence1258 Words   |  6 PagesTradition, Honor, Discipline, and Excellence. Those are the four pillars in the film The Dead Poets Society, which takes place at Welton Academy, a prep school located in Vermont, 1959. The Headmaster of the school is Mr. Nolan, who is very strict and traditional leader. The film focuses around a group of boys that attend Welton, who later reinstate the Dead Poets Society (DPS). The boys are Neil Perry, Todd Anderson, Charlie Dalton, Richard Cameron, Pitts, Meeks, and Knox Overstreet. Two of theRead MoreThe Film Dead Poets Society1446 Words   |  6 Pagesfilm Dead Poets Society came out in 1989, and is a film about events taking place in a boys boarding school in the 1950’s. The film stars Robin Williams in one of his first non-comical roles. The movie’s primary focus is exploring the teacher/student relationshi p. In Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams character, Mr. Keating, endeavors to develop the young men’s passion for music, literature, and art. He also longs to encourage the young men to Carpe Diem, which is Latin for Seize the Day (Dead PoetsRead MoreEvaluation Of Dead Poets Society1450 Words   |  6 PagesEvaluation Over Dead Poets Society The film Dead Poets Society came out in 1989, and is a film about events taking place in a boys boarding school in the 1950’s. The film stars Robin Williams in one of his first non-comical roles. The movie’s primary focus is exploring the teacher/student relationship. In Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams character, Mr. Keating, endeavors to develop the young men’s passion for music, literature, and art. He also longs to encourage the young men to Carpe Diem, whichRead MoreThe Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock: A Good Example of Modernism1066 Words   |  5 Pagesdeal with new ideas.It is a break with the tradition.Modernist Poetry occurs between the 1890 and 1970.It’s key elements can be experimentation,anti realism,individualism.Experimentation means searching constantly.Anti-realism means to be against realism and concreteness.Individualism means to be an intellectual and to be an individual who has a self-confidence.The stress is mainly on the human mi nd rather than emotions.Many Modernist poets are from Universities,they appreciate their work a lot.It isRead MoreAnalysis Of Mary Hughes s Poem Lady Lazarus Plath 1067 Words   |  5 Pagestheir openings; They (Tulips) are opening like the mouth of some great African cat..15. In her poem Lady Lazarus Plath confirms her strong faith in rebirth and resurrection: Out of the ash I rise with my red hair and I eat men like air16. It further makes obvious her repulsion on men. She believes that Suicide, Death and Resurrection may fetch her eternal happiness. That is why, it seems, she loves death. She further has strong conviction in resurrection to slay all men-traitors in the world. She suggestivelyRead MoreAllen Ginsberg, A Supermarket in California Literary Analysis1669 Words   |  7 PagesJasamyn Wimmer English 1B Professor Kleinman 5 March 2013 Brief Literary Analysis Lost America: An analysis of â€Å"A Supermarket in California† Allen Ginsberg; philosopher, activist, poet, a man highly revered as a groundbreaking figure between the 1950’s Beat Poetry Generation and the counter-cultural revolution of the 1960’s ( Ginsberg’s first book â€Å"Howl and Other Poems,† was published in 1955, his work was involved in an illustrious obscenity trial because of the use ofRead MoreJim Morrison1446 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Joseph S. Ms. Whitten English 4/Period #1 3 Mar. 2014 James Douglas Morrison The most legendary man to live mainly people know him as Jim Morrison or Lizard King, known for his unique music and writings. Considered as a sex icon in the 60’s due to his charismatic character and giving birth to rock in roll. James Douglas Morrison, an American Poet, filmmaker lead singer for The Doors, was influenced by philosophers and poet’s views on aesthetics and morality mainly portrayed in FredriechRead MoreLycidas Analysis1492 Words   |  6 Pagesand not a spontaneous expression of sorrow. The elegiac poet engages himself in discursive reflections. Death, the primary theme of most elegies, is a vast evocative theme. Death can be, and is often, the starting point for the poet to deal with serious themes. Milton, for example, gives us in Lycidas, speculations on the nature of death, tributes to friends, and also literary criticism. The central metaphor is the death of a shepherd-poet, who is portrayed in an appropriately idyllic setting. WithRead MoreAnal ysis Of Paulo Freire s The Banking Concept Of Education Essay1507 Words   |  7 PagesEducation,† he discusses how there is an absence of imagination and critical thinking in the â€Å"banking† method of education. Paulo Freire contends that the â€Å"banking† method of instruction is not a viable strategy to educate students. In the film, Dead Poets Society, directed by Peter Weir, Mr. Keating, an English professor in the film, liberates the student s mind by making them confront the issues exhibited to them. The problem-posing strategy was utilized as a part of the film, yet since the students’

Ellis Island Essay Research Paper ELLIS ISLAND free essay sample

Ellis Island Essay, Research Paper ELLIS ISLAND Ellis Island has a long history, was needed, and was the # 8220 ; Gateway to America # 8221 ; from 1892 until it closed in 1954, when it began its slow decay. The island was called Gull Island by the Indians and Oyster Island by the Dutch. Subsequently the English erected a gallows tree or gallows on the island for hanging felons and so the island became known as Gibbet Island. The Indians sold it to the Dutch East India Company for bangles. The company subsequently sold it to Mynheer Paauw who besides bought land along the New Jersey coastline. Samuel Ellis, a colonial merchandiser bought the island and it became at last Ellis Island. After the Revolution, the island was sold to New York State and in 1811, Fort Gibson was built on it in readying for the War of 1812. No contending took topographic point at Fort Gibson it was chiefly a weaponries storage garrison. We will write a custom essay sample on Ellis Island Essay Research Paper ELLIS ISLAND or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page When immigrants began, pouring into New York City, New York State processed them at an old garrison known as Castle Clinton on the Battery at the tip of Manhattan. When that installation became excessively little for the big figure of immigrants geting in the state, they chose Ellis Island as the new in-migration centre. After raising new wooden edifices, it opened in 1892 but those edifices burned in 1897. New edifices were erected in 1900 and it reopened. Finally the control of in-migration was turned over to the Federa fifty authorities. Ellis Island was the chief federal in-migration station the # 8220 ; Gateway to America # 8221 ; in the United States from 1892 to 1954. More than 12 million immigrants were processed here. Over clip, the in-migration station spread over 3 affiliated islands with legion constructions including a infirmary and contagious disease wards. It is estimated that over 40 per centum of all citizens can follow their lineage to those who came through Ellis Island. In its early old ages, when the greatest figure of immigrants entered the state, Ellis Island mirrored the state # 8217 ; s generous attitude and unfastened door policy. After transition of in-migration Torahs in the 1920s, it was used more for # 8220 ; assembly, detention, and behaving foreigners, # 8221 ; and symbolized a shutting door. Immigrants were required to base on balls a series of medical and legal reviews before they could come in America. The existent experience of traveling through review or detention on Ellis Island was frequently nervus wracking. Those who did non go through these reviews were returned to their state of beginning on the boats that brought them here. Even though merely 2 per centum of those coming to America were turned off at Ellis Island, that translated to over 250,000 people whose hopes and dreams turned to cryings. It was the # 8220 ; Gateway to America # 8221 ; , it was needed, and it was built. Ellis Island Bibliography rudiment. ata ; lskdfl ; kafjdsl ; kajs

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UIUC GPA Calculator Essay Example

UIUC GPA Calculator Paper UIUC GPA calculator is a useful app allowing making a prognosis for future. It is a handy tool enabling evaluating one’s chances to get the place at a prestigious higher education institution. UIUC is a top ranking USA university having a bright reputation. This higher education institution allows young generations are getting an excellent education and building a prolific carrier. The facilities available at institution enable students to develop themselves in all spheres of life and contribute to the progress of science. The University aims to enhance the civil life and implement innovations. The institution occupies the leading positions in research, teaching and public engagement. UIUC has 16 academic units that supply more than 150 programs for graduate and undergraduate students. If you have an intention to enter this place, you need to use college GPA calculator UIUC. This program will allow you to estimate your chances to get the opportunity to study at a place, where you want to study! College GPA calculator UIUC GPA calculator UIUC is a program allowing every person to get to know, whether it is possible to get the place at a higher education institution of the dream. It is a chance to make a prognosis, which will help to single out whether the achievements match with the requirements of University admission committee. When a person has the full picture, it is easier to plan the future. As is often the case, potential student compiles a list of Universities that can become future places of study. Each of this place has its requirements and a minimal GPA allowing entering the university. The great strategy is to explore the ratings of the higher educational institutions from your wish list to get to know what GPA you should have. To know the average grade one needs to be able to use UIUC student GPA calculator. This app will allow determining the â€Å"what if† mark and compare it with the ratings of the UIUC and check whether there is a chance to enter the higher educational instituti on. The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign UIUC GPA Calculator We will write a custom essay sample on UIUC GPA Calculator specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on UIUC GPA Calculator specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on UIUC GPA Calculator specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign UIUC GPA Calculator is an app for every potential student endeavoring to become a part of this place. There is a simple piece of advice helping to use this tool. One needs to enter the official website of the University and find the option â€Å"GPA UIUC calculator.† You have to click the option, and you will see the window, where there are fields to fill in. Your task is to insert the data in the needed places. Try to insert name, of course, credit hours and approximate â€Å"what if† grades. The combination of this info and calculations presents a result – your GPA. These operations will help you to discover the minimum grade allowing making a prognosis for future. The grand strategy is to make this calculation when you still have time before the entering campaign. It will help you to evaluate your achievements and discover whether they meet the demands of the admission committee. This strategy will help to get the p lace at the University of your dream!

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Seesaw Candle Fire Magic Trick

Seesaw Candle Fire Magic Trick The seesaw candle magic trick is a fire science trick that teaches how combustion and Newtons Third Law of Motion work. A candle, balanced between a pair of glasses, rocks or seesaws up and down on its own. The motion continues as long as the candle continues to burn. If one side of the candle starts out heavier than the other, the motion of the candle will act to equalize the mass on either side of the pivot point. Its a simple trick, but eye-catching and interesting! Seesaw Candle Trick Materials Long candleNeedle2 glasses or jars that are the same height Long, thin candles work best for this trick. You can even use a pair of candles that are connected to each other. Procedure The first step is to expose wick at both ends of the candle so take a look at the bottom of the candle. If it has some wick pressed onto the bottom of the wax, loosen it so that you will be able to light it. On the other hand, if there isnt any wick at the bottom of the candle, use a knife to cut away enough of the candle to expose wick. You dont need a particularly sharp knife. In fact, its better to use a dull knife so that you dont accidentally cut the wick.Push the needle through the candle about halfway down its length. You dont have to be exact, but if you arent very good at gauging halfway points, then use a ruler to measure your candle, divide that number by two and push the needle through the candle at that point. If the candle wax is soft, you may be able to push the needle through the candle with minimal effort, but if the wax is hard or your candle is thick, then grasp the needle with pliers or tweezers, heat it in a flame and push it through the candle. The hot needle sh ould pass through the wax fairly easily. The trick still works if you accidentally bend the needle. Balance the needle and candle between a pair of glasses. It is okay if one end of the candle is heavier than the other.Light both ends of the candle. The candle will rock up and down, like a seesaw. You can watch a video of the project if youd like to see what to expect. How It Works The candle moves in response to forces acting on it, trying to reach equilibrium. The combustion reaction turns the candle wax into carbon dioxide gas and water vapor, making the burning end of a candle lighter. If one side of the candle burns more quickly than the other, the lighter side of the candle moves up. The lower side of the candle is angled such that the flame melts the wax, causing it to drip down. This not only lessens the mass at that end of the candle, but the force from the dripping wax actually pushes the end of the candle up! This is Newtons Third Law of Motion, which states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. More Fire and Candle Science Magic Traveling Flame Candle Magic TrickBlow Out a Candle with Chemical MagicTrick Birthday CandlesEdible Candle Trick Tips and Safety This is a fire project, so use adult supervision and avoid trying this trick near curtains, pets, gasoline... you get the picture.​Lighter candles respond more dramatically to changes in mass than heavier ones. Ergo, lighter candles will give you a better range of motion than heavier candles. If you use a very big candle, you wont see much motion at all. When in doubt, lighten up! Disclaimer: Please be advised that the content provided by our website is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Fireworks and the chemicals contained within them are dangerous and should always be handled with care and used with common sense. By using this website you acknowledge that ThoughtCo., its parent About, Inc. (a/k/a Dotdash), and IAC/InterActive Corp. shall have no liability for any damages, injuries, or other legal matters caused by your use of fireworks or the knowledge or application of the information on this website. The providers of this content specifically do not condone using fireworks for disruptive, unsafe, illegal, or destructive purposes. You are responsible for following all applicable laws before using or applying the information provided on this website.

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Founding and History of the New Jersey Colony

Founding and History of the New Jersey Colony John Cabot was the first European explorer to come into contact with the New Jersey shore. Henry Hudson also explored this area as he searched for the northwest passage. The area that would later be New Jersey was part of New Netherland. The Dutch West India Company gave Michael Pauw a patroonship in New Jersey. He called his land Pavonia. In 1640, a Swedish community was created in present-day New Jersey on the Delaware River. However, it is not until 1660 that the first permanent European settlement of Bergen was created.   The Motivation for Founding the New Jersey Colony In 1664, James, the Duke of York, received control of New Netherland. He sent a small English force to blockade the harbor at New Amsterdam. Peter Stuyvesant surrendered to the English without a fight. King Charles II had granted the lands between the Connecticut and Delaware Rivers to the Duke. He then granted land  to two of his friends, Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret, that would become New Jersey. The name of the colony comes from the Isle of Jersey, Carterets birthplace. The two advertised and promised settlers many benefits for colonizing including representative government and freedom of religion. The colony quickly grew. Richard Nicolls was made the governor of the area. He granted 400,000 acres to a group of Baptists, Quakers, and Puritans. These resulted in the creation of many towns including Elizabethtown and Piscataway. The Dukes Laws were issued that allowed for religious tolerance for all Protestants. In addition, a general assembly was created. Sale of West Jersey to the Quakers In 1674, Lord Berkeley sold his proprietorship to some Quakers. Carteret agrees to divide the territory so that those who bought Berkeleys proprietorship were given West Jersey while his heirs were given East Jersey. In West Jersey, a significant development was when the Quakers made it so that almost all adult males were able to vote.   In 1682, East Jersey was purchased by William Penn and a group of his associates and added with Delaware for administrative purposes. This meant that most of the land between the Maryland and New York colonies were administered by Quakers.   In 1702, East and West Jersey which were joined by the crown into one colony with an elected assembly.   New Jersey During the American Revolution   A number of major battles occurred within the New Jersey territory during the American Revolution. These battles included the Battle of Princeton, the Battle of Trenton, and the Battle of Monmouth.   Significant Events New Jersey is divided into East and West Jersey in 1674. It is reunited in 1702 when it becomes a royal colonyNew Jersey was the third state to ratify the ConstitutionNew Jersey was the first to ratify the Bill of Rights

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Personal Development As A First Line Manager Assignment

Personal Development As A First Line Manager - Assignment Example The plan enables an individual to align his/her personal goals with the organizational goals. This assists the individual in improving his/her work performance. Thus this personal development benefits the organization by improving its performance in the short term as well as in the long-term (The Keynote Project, 2002). The personal development goals will indirectly lead to the fulfillment of the goals set by the school. The personal goals I have set for achieving are related to the improvement of my work performance. The objective of acquiring event management skills helps them acquire skills that would enable me to efficiently manage and arrange school events. Thus meeting the organization's objective of providing good quality educational service of which such entertainment is a part. Also implementing and learning how to manage the Inventory control system named jump-stock would assist me in taking care of canteen inventory and other school supplies inventory (Burg, 2013). This ef ficient and faster management of inventory will assist the organization in running its operations most effectively. Therefore, providing high quality educational service with added school facilities and attracting more customers leading to increasing sales. Improving time management skills, stress management and financial skills will assist me in carrying out my responsibilities effectively. Financial skill would help me identify if there had been any glitches in the financial records of the facilities. Time management could help me complete work responsibilities before time and with highest work quality. Stress management could assist me in handling difficult situations with intelligence and thus help the organization run its operations most effectively. I plan to enhance these skills by taking a Stress Management training Diploma Course offered by The Stress Consultancy and Open Learning Institute (Stress Management Training, n.d.). Writing and speaking skills and improving relati ons with subordinates pertains to enhancing communication skills. The former will aid in becoming proficient in speaking and writing, thus helping in getting the message across within or outside school effectively. The latter would support in developing friendly relations with subordinates and detecting any conflicts/issues with them and taking an immediate action. This leads to increased motivation among employees and increased efficiency in school facilities provision. So effective communication helps the organization achieve high sales, lower cost, higher profitability and high quality service objectives. Learning how to operate knowledge management system also brings company to achieving the same objectives mentioned above. This is because knowing how to use and implement this system in facilities department could help in better decision-making. I identified numerous learning and development opportunities that would assist in achieving my personal development goals. The reason i s the nature of the goals themselves. All the goals could be achieved either by taking the relevant courses online or attending workshops, keeping a log and relevant notes from these courses/workshops. Learning from all these relevant courses and workshops is essential in acquiring the relevant skills since they add value to my work at school as Facilities Manager Assistant. These courses would help me move forward with my plan and thus enhance my work performance for my and company's benefit. I will review the progress of my plan on monthly basis. This will enable me to see how far along have I achieved my objectives. If needed, I will be able to